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Useful strategies and tips on GRE calculator usage

Resembles GRE test problem interface completely

Offline and Windows/Mac compatible via Adobe Air

GRE Calculator

On the new GRE you will have access to four-function on-screen GRE calculator during the Quantitative section of the test, but keep in mind, the GRE is not testing your computational skills, it is testing your quantitative reasoning skills. The calculator may help you if you know how to solve a problem and need to save time on longer calculations. However, most of the problems are written to look like calculator is necessary to solve them, but there's almost always workaround which will significantly shorten your problem solving time.

This webapp is meant to teach you what functions has on-screen GRE calculator and when you should use it. After each discussed topic there are few problems you can try to solve. To resemble the conditions of the test as close as possible, the problem's interface looks exactly as it is on actual GRE. It is important to note that even if you have answered the problem correctly, you should check the solution. A lot of GRE problems have a shortcut solutions which can considerably save your time, and as you may know, correct time management has a great impact on your final GRE score.

In case you'll need GRE calculator during your preps, we have also available offline application which you can download and install on your PC or Mac. Check the screenshots, features and download link in sidebar. And in case your operating system doesn't recognize the installation files you'll have to download and install Adobe Air first.

If you liked this application and now want even more realistic GRE conditions you should try out our GRE simulator software. It completely resembles the new GRE test format and contains only high quality problems with full explanations. We offer a FREE version which has one full test, so you will be able to check yourself how it works.

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