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Transfer Display

On Numeric Entry ("fill in the blank") questions, you can use the big "Transfer Display" button at the bottom of the GRE calculator to fill the question’s answer box with whatever is on the display. Needless to say, doing so won’t convert the value to the form the question requires, so don’t use this feature unless you’re certain that what’s in the on-screen calculator is the right answer to the question. For example, if a question requires you to round your answer or convert your answer to a percent, make sure that you adjust the transferred number accordingly. Have a look on next problem:


If you’ve ever used the memory feature of a calculator, the MR and MC buttons will be familiar to you: they recall and clear, respectively, the value stored in memory. What’s different about the GRE on-screen calculator is that it lacks a simple "Memory Store" (MS) button. Hence, to store a value in memory for the first time, you just press M+. The tricky thing about this button is that it doesn’t override what’s currently in memory: it adds to the value. For example, if you press: then the value in memory would be 10, not 6. If you want to save a completely new and unrelated value, then first you need to clear the memory by pressing MC. Note, though, that this additive property of the memory function allows you to perform quite lengthy calculations without need to save values on the paper. And here are few problems you can drill your skills:

Exceeding Calculator Limits

Another restriction that has GRE calculator is an 8 digit numeric display, meaning you'll not be able to exceed the number 99,999,999 no matter if you try to enter it using buttons or get it as a result of calculation. In case if you are getting the number that is bigger than 99,999,999, the GRE calculator will display an Error. However, there are few tricks you can try:

Close Button

If you use GRE calculator to answer a question and then click "Next" to go to the next question, the calculator remains on the screen, exactly where it was, with the same numerical readout. This is actually a distraction. So, if you do use the calculator to answer a question, as soon as you have answered that question, click on the close button to remove the calculator from the screen. Later, it takes only one click to get it back.

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